CoolKeg - the selfchilling keg

Independently from water, ice, energy or CO2, CoolKeg chills beverages down to a tapping temperature of 4-6 °C within 30-60 min.

The principle is based on the interaction of water and zeolite, a completely non-toxic mineral which absorbs huge quantities of water when it is dry. The strong acceleration of this process under vacuum exposure is such, that it causes the production of ice. Therefore, the recyclable CoolKeg offers a convincing result by the push of one single button.

The reconditioning of the CoolKegs occurs exclusively by adding heat. The circumferential surface is shortly heated up to 390 °C in order to evaporate the water bound to the zeolite, and to condensate it in the evaporation chamber on the cold beer bellow.

CoolKeg advantages:

  • Cooling system without ice, energy or water supply
  • Within 30-60 min the beer is chilled down from room temperature to perfect drinking temperature
  • "žClick and Cool": Consumer decides "When and where" to chill the beer
  • Temperature is kept for at least 12 hours
  • CoolKeg sizes: 10,0l, 13,0l, 15,0l, 20,0l
  • No pressure in the container, the cooling process runs under vacuum conditions.
  • CoolKeg is completely sleeved with a textile or polystyrene label and gives space for advertisement
  • Physical cooling with zeolite-water-adsorption --> no danger for the consumer; environmentally friendly; returnable keg
  • CoolKeg can be filled and internally cleaned on each standard kegging line


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